Wedding Hairstyles For Natural Texture Hair

Our Interview with Skye Charlie

Episode 5 of Conversation with Lesa is about the wedding hairstyles for natural texture hair… you guessed it, how to embrace your gorgeous natural texture hair on your wedding day! 

We’re talking about wedding hairstyles for natural texture hair for black women to get wedding day ready from Skye Charlie Founder and Creative Brand Strategist of Business of Black Hair. Skye shares her top 3 hairstyling tips for black women getting wedding day ready and the important things you should be aware of during your trial run hairstyling appointment!

Skye Charlie, Founder and Creative Brand Strategist of Business of Black Hair, a platform that helps black women grow healthy, beautiful hair and focuses on the black woman’s experience in hair salons and other settings, such as on-set production.

While many to-be-weds need products and hot tools (and loads of hair spray) for a bombshell blowout, naturally curly-haired to-be-weds do not. We recommend using your gorgeous texture to your advantage by rocking a stunning curly wedding hairstyle on the big day. 

How are you going to rock your gorgeous natural texture on your wedding day? Let’s discuss this subject in the comments below!

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