Simple Steps To Buying Your Wedding Dress?

Our Interview with Tina Wong

Lesa speaks with Tina Wong, Founder and Owner of Grace and Ivory based in Chicago metro area. Listen in as Tina shares when you should order your made-to-measure wedding dress to get wedding day ready.

Before you get too overwhelmed with the wedding dress styles and details, are you wondering when you should order your wedding dress? When should you start researching your wedding dress and how long does it take to come into the dress shop?

Wait, I must order my wedding dress? I can’t just go to the store, buy one and go home with it that day? The short answer is no for made-to-measure wedding dresses.

Listen in as Lesa speaks with Tina Wong at Grace and Ivory Bridal Salon in Chicago metro area when you should order your wedding dress for your wedding day. 

Grace and Ivory Bridal Salon works directly with their production teams to offer made-to-measure wedding dresses under $2,500.


There are many different styles and options for wedding dresses. You can wear anything you want on your wedding day. The most important thing for any bride is to stay true to who you are on your wedding day. Honor your personal style and be confident in who you are!

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