Let’s Talk About Bridal Skincare

Our Interview with Kerissa Gibson

Listen in as Lesa, the Creator of Borrow Love Return Bridal, speaks with Kerissa Gibson, Owner and Founder of the Fresh Wax Center in Sarasota, about her top tips and tricks to prepare and maintain your hair and makeup on your wedding day.

Kerissa highlights the beauty timeline of a wedding, explaining why you shouldn’t get your first wax the week of your wedding. Curious to know what is the best time to get waxed before your wedding and honeymoon? Tune in to learn from an expert esthetician!

Kerissa also talks about the meaning of beauty from an esthetician’s perspective and her motivations for starting her own business. Then, she shares powerful words of wisdom for every bride that will ensure your day is fun and memorable.

“Beauty, to me, is a feeling and it’s a feeling you can give yourself, it’s a feeling somebody else can give you, it’s a feeling that an object or a sunset or anything can give you… and it’s a feeling that we need a lot more of in this world right now.” – Kerissa

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