How To Get Wedding Dress Ready?

Our Interview with Tina Wong

Episode 4 of Conversation with Lesa is about the wedding dress… you guessed it, The Wedding Dress! 

We’re talking about all things wedding dress when to start shopping for your wedding dress, what to consider before you begin wedding dress shopping and how to get wedding day ready with your wedding dress from Tina Wong at Grace and Ivory Bridal Salon in Chicago.

Grace and Ivory works directly with their production teams to offer made-to-measure wedding dresses under $2,500. They’re also a social enterprise, donating a portion of their dress purchases to programs focusing on women and girls, including the Chicago Period Project.

Whether you choose to a wedding dress from the rack or have it made to measure – we encourage you to do whatever feels aligned for you! 

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What does your dream wedding dress look like? Let’s discuss this subject in the comments below!