How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Veil

Choosing the right veil for your dress doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Here are some helpful tips you can use to narrow down the search:

1.  Wedding Dress:

Congrats on finding your dress! Now it’s time to choose a veil that enhances your wedding dress.  For example:

If you have a lace or beaded wedding dress, look for a veil that compliments those elements like our Charity, Ocean Breeze, Paige, or Sofia veils. 

If you have a simple wedding dress, look for a something with a little more detail like our Clare, Iris, Lilly, Scarlett, or Sugar All Over veils.


2.  Venue Vibe:

Remember to keep in mind the overall vibe of your venue.  If your ceremony is taking place in a large, elaborate church, you may want to consider a dramatic long veil, we suggest choosing our scatter crystals and satin ribbon Kristina Veil or beaded Stephanie Veil would be perfect. Alternatively, if you’re getting married outdoors during a windy season, it’s best to opt for a veil that’s shorter in length. This will prevent the veil from blowing too much like our ethereal Tilly, Grace, or Ocean Confetti veils.

3.  Personal Style:

The most important thing about wearing a veil is confidence and personal style. If you’ve been waiting for this moment to wear a cathedral veil. There is no wrong choice.  As long as you love it!  That’s all what matters.

Charlie 72" Single Layer Wedding Veil Lace Applique | Little Things Borrowed Bridal Accessories Rental

If you want to wear beautiful designer bridal accessories including statement jewelry, sashes and veils at a fraction of what you’d pay to own then, Borrow Love Return is the place! Now you don’t have to limit yourself, all you have to do is Borrow. Love. Return. In that order. You can even try on up to three headpieces with the Try It. Style Preview option to try in your home or at your hair trial with your dress.  At Borrow Love Return, we have basically thought of everything. If you are not local, we ship nationwide.

We hope some of these tips were helpful for you in choosing the perfect veil to complete your wedding day look.

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