How To Wear Elbow Length Wedding Veil Guide

When you’re not the average bride to be and you’re looking for something different to wear on your wedding day with just a nod to tradition, you’ll want to know the answer to the question “What’s an elbow length wedding veil?”

Hey Beautiful, I want to focus on the elbow length wedding veil.  Specifically, how to choose a flattering veil length for your beautiful gown — the one you spent countless hours scouring bridal stores and online!

With so many options, selecting the right veil length can feel overwhelming and confusing. How do you make the right choice between shorter and longer length veil?  

Here at Borrow Love Return, we carry an array of elbow length wedding veils.

  • As the name suggests, the length falls at the bride’s elbows approximately 30 inches in length.  
  • There are certain considerations that will help you determine if an elbow length wedding veil is the right choice for you.  
  • We love the idea of pairing this style showcasing the skirt or train of your wedding dress.
Charity Elbow Veil

When you’re looking at wedding veils, elbow length wedding veils are a fantastic universal length that bring a whimsical lightness to most bridal looks. Look for elbow length wedding veils in a range of stunning designs and luxury fabrics, including cut edge tulle, to find the perfect match for your dream bridal gown.


Short and sweet, elbow length veils are a great bridal accessory, subtly covering exposed shoulders and outlining the silhouette of the upper body. They add the perfect finishing touch to a non-traditional bridal outfit.

A fantastically versatile option for brides, the elbow length veil works with nearly every wedding dress style out there.

The elbow length works especially well with:

Wedding gowns with back detail: 

Elbow length barely there wedding veils draw the eye to the brides back without covering the detail. So for brides who have chosen intricate lacing or beadwork of a bodice, or a dramatic backless dress, an elbow length veil will help to accentuate the detail with its light translucency.

Wedding gowns without a train:  

If you’ve opted for a modern floor length dress without a train, an elbow length veil is the fuss free bridal accessory that will help to emphasize the sophistication of a contemporary cut gown, whilst maintaining a fresh aesthetic.  

Tea length wedding dresses:  

A short wedding dress needs a short veil. And with ultra-cute retro tea length wedding dresses growing in popularity, an elbow length veil makes the perfect pairing. Finishing at the elbow, this veil length helps to give balance to a bridal dress that finishes mid-calf, adding to the timelessness of this look.

Ball gown wedding dresses:  

Because elbow length veils finish at waist length just before the skirt begins, they work beautifully with full skirted ball gown style wedding dresses. This veil length helps to show off skirt details as you move around throughout your wedding day.


Choose a complementary color. Aim to match the color of the bridal veil to your wedding dress as closely as possible. Here at Borrow Love Return our popular wedding veil color is light ivory follow by silk white. 


If your wedding dress is heavily embellished, keep your wedding veil on the clean and simple side, with minimal (if any) extras.

And vice versa: A simple, streamlined gown allows you to be a bit more adventurous in the veil department (Meghan Markle’s wedding day look—complete with a stunning, elaborate cathedral veil—comes to mind).

Play around with unexpected shapes, accents and textures, like a floral-embellished cathedral veil, a lace cap or a couture-inspired bubble veil with over-the-top volume.

  • Try to create a balance as well when it comes to the type of embellishments—while they don’t have to match the ones on your dress exactly, they should complement them in color, size and style.
  • A glam sequined veil, for instance, might feel out of place next to a romantic gown embroidered with tiny pearls.

Tilly Blusher Justine M Couture | Little Things Borrowed Bridal Accessories Rental
Tilly 30″ Blusher Veil


An elbow length wedding veil is a great choice for an indoor or outdoor wedding. Your photographer will capture better photos if a strong wind guests occur. This veil is great for a beach wedding or a more conservative look for your ceremony in a single layer or double layer. The risk of damaging the veil is low.

Elbow length bridal veil brides hairpins | Little Things Borrowed Bridal Rent Return
Ximena 30″ Bridal Veil


One of most important factors to consider is your comfort. In other words, if you want to dance in your veil while wearing it, then the elbow length is the perfect choice for you! Why? It’s a great choice because it allows a bride to wear a longer and won’t block the focus of her beautiful gown, as you can still see it through the sheer fabric.

If we were to answer the question ‘what is an elbow length veil?’ with one word, it would be “essential“. When looking for wedding veils, it’s an absolute must that you try an elbow length veil. We’re confident you’ll fall in love, again.

Choose from the stunning selection of elbow length veils at Borrow Love Return and browse our bridal accessory range to pair your veil with chic and intricate hair pins, bridal hair combs, and bridal hair vines for extra glamour on your big day.

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In closing, we hope some of these tips were helpful for you in choosing the perfect bridal veil to complete your wedding day look. Still can’t decide between a long or short veil? Checkout our Try It Style Preview. Learn more

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Post updated May 2022