Your Bridal Style Is …


edgy background

Anything goes!

You embrace the unexpected.
Your wedding look is one to stand drop jaws.

You love to think outside the box and cringe at the thought
of having a cooking cutter wedding.

You’re always on-trend and ready to reinvent yourself,
and  you’re not afraid to take big risks.


Edgy Bridal Dress Jumpsuit Style

Who says the bride has to be dressed in white—or even in a dress?
Weddings are not cookie-cutter and neither are brides, today.

Non-traditional wedding dresses, minis, suits, and jumpsuits
still scream bridal and we say, I do, to that.

Are you considering wearing a non-traditional look down the aisle?
Let this be your sign to be bold and break the “rules.”

Color, sparkle, separates, floral prints, feathers, organza, and tulle are
all fashion-forward options to consider for your big day—and
none of your guests will expect it!

Modern brides are ditching classic white wedding dresses and
choosing more unconventional styles for their wedding day looks.


Accessorize with a veil, headpiece, statement earrings or sash belt to complete your wedding day look.

“Accessories are the finishing touches to
completing your bridal look.” ~
Lesa Paige

Hair and Makeup

Your hair and make-up are loose and appear effortless.

For hair, I’d recommend pretty hair comb, halo or hair vine to finish the look.

Keep your makeup fresh with clean skin, lots of mascara and a bold lip.

Wedding Decor Inspiration

Edgy Bridal Style Wedding Invitations Borrow Love Return Bridal Accessories Rental
Edgy Bridal Style Bridal Bouquet Borrow Love Return Bridal Accessories Rentall

Are you asking yourself THIS question and more:

I recently said yes to the dress.
You’re probably ready to put up your feet (perhaps with your beverage of choice) and take a bit of a break from shopping. We certainly encourage you to do so, but not for long.


You might be worrying
As your big day draws near or you’re probably scrambling to get everything in order, most importantly what you’ll wear. The dress is just the beginning.

No Love!  It’s time to look for your bridal accessories that complement and complete your overall bridal look!

But where do you even start?

Over the coming days, I’ll be sharing some of my tips and inspirations about accessorizing your romantic bridal look.
We’re talking headpieces, veils, jewelry, belts and — oh clutches!
Needless to say, there’s quite a lot to consider when shopping for bridal accessories—the details count.



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