Undecided About Your Bridal Accessories?

Don’t stress! You can now try on the bridal hair accessories, jewelry or veil item at home or hair trial prior to your wedding or event before placing your wedding or event day rental order.

Learn how to best prepare to try on bridal accessories. The Try It. Style Preview offers women the chance to try on bridal hair accessories, bridal veil, bridal jewelry before your big day at home or dress fitting or hair trial!

How It Works

1| Browse our collection and choose up to 3 bridal accessories for a 3 day rental.

2| Choose Try It. Style It Preview

3| Select your rental start date that falls on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

4| Select the number of pieces you’re interested in renting (no more than 3).

5| During Checkout, indicate your accessory selection in the “Order Notes“.

6| Your order will be shipped to you by your rental date.

7| Simply use the FREE return shipping label provided to return your order back.

8| You will receive $20.00 coupon towards your wedding rental date when you return the bridal accessories or veil to us.

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Key Things To Know

1| The Try It. Style Preview is not available on the weekends.  If you have a special circumstance, please be sure to email us and explain to us so we can assist you; you will need to provide proof your wedding date is not that weekend.

2| Choose your rental date a day before your hair trial or dress fitting to ensure the accessory arrives timely.

3| Note: When you place a Try It. Style Preview order, this does not reserve a wedding accessory for the day of the wedding or event.

4| Choose up to 3 accessory items maximum.

5| Receive $20.00 coupon to use towards your wedding day rental.

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Hair Trial Preparation

1|  Don’t Stress – the trial’s purpose is to find that ideal look, but it’s also great fun. It’s not often you meet a true professional you can talk to, so relax, get chatting, and you’ll have a great time.

2| Tell the Hair Stylist about your hair history – have you had the same style since you finished Secondary school? Or are you an adventurous type, always changing something? Your hair should match your personality as much as your dress and overall look.

3| Hair Styling Options – Depending on how much time you have and how many ideas to try out, a stylist may be able to show you several options – however, they all work differently. Styling the hair doesn’t take long, but adjustments may take awhile, and the discussion and viewing the pictures will take up some time as well. Again, if you have particular things you want to try out, ask.

4| Keep an Open Mind – if you’ve got a style, and the stylist says “I feel it would suit you better if we adjusted your hair like this…” – let them do it. You may be surprised what a difference an inch up or down can make to your overall look, and you’re dealing with a professional here – they have your best interests at heart.

Learn more about how to choose bridal hair accessories or how to prepare for your hair and makeup trial.

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We hope some of these tips were helpful for you to complete your wedding day look.

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