Before You Begin Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping naturally has some pressure attached to it, but it doesn’t have to be that way! I completely understand it’s a big purchase. Here are some simple things you can do to make the process of finding your wedding dress a little less stressful. 

Let’s take a peek at our nine tips to keep in mind before you begin wedding dress shopping:

1. Create your Budget. 

You should know your financial limits before entering the bridal salon.

Remember, you have to leave some money in the budget for *bridal accessories.

*Psst, rent your bridal hair accessories, jewelry and a veil.*

2. Book your Venue. 

Book your venue then go dress shopping.  You’ll be  able to get a clear sense of your setting, vibe, and style if you have the venue nailed down, and you’ll able to visualize yourself in the dress much more easily when you know where you’ll be!

3. Create your Dress. 

Use your imagination as a guide to determine and create your Pinterest Boards. What type of wedding dress you should buy but take into consideration what style will best flatter your figure!

Select 2 to 3 stores that speak to your style, beliefs and budget and go from there.

4. Move Around Girl! 

Don’t just stand there looking in the mirror at yourself when trying on the dress.

Walk around a bit, sit down… Can you stand up without assistance?

You want to look stunning but you need to feel comfortable as well. Its so important to look and feel comfortable in the dress, after all this is a large purchase and you will be in it for your wedding.

5. Be Open to Different Dress Styles. 

Try on a few wedding dresses of different style, even if you think you don’t like them and you may get surprised how gorgeous you look in one of them! I’m just saying…

6. Be Selective Who Your Bring With You

Start your wedding dress shopping on your own. Set aside a few dresses that you really like and then return with on to three trusted people for a final decision and support YOUR vision, point out your features and not your “flaws”.

7. Take Pictures

We all know that dressing room mirrors can be tricky. Ask someone to take several photos from different angles so you can see all angles of the wedding dress.

8. Trust Your Gut!

You’ll know when you found the right DRESS…it just feels right! 

When you try on dresses you will have a sense of what feels right and comfortable for you to be in. You may not cry, but you will be able to visualize yourself on the day in the right dress. Block out the noise and Trust yourself! You got this!

9. Stop Shopping

Some brides want to hear the approval of her choice of wedding dress from friends and family but don’t forget it’s your wedding and the final word should be yours!

Bonus Tips:

  • Don’t expect to look like those Instagram and Pinterest pics! This is SO important. Instagram and Pinterest are great inspiration for visual direction, its not good to compare ourselves and our bodies to what we see online.
  • Don’t try on every dress made.
  • Most importantly, have FUN!!!

Next Steps:

  • Breathe.
  • Focus on choosing your bridal accessories.

Did you find this helpful?   

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