Let’s Talk About Beauty

Our Interview with Kevon Harris

Listen in as Lesa, the Founder of Borrow Love Return Bridal (BLR), speaks with Kevon Harris, a BLR model and social worker, about the true meaning of beauty.

These two radiant women share words of wisdom on self-acceptance and self-love and how they relate to being a bride and a model.

Kevon talks about how she appreciates and embodies her beauty as a black woman, expressing her love for the richness of her melanin, along with how she uses clothing and accessories to present herself as a fun and friendly social worker. She also highlights what she loves about modeling Borrow Love Return bridal accessories paired with a Curvaceous Couture gown.

“Beauty starts with inner acceptance of how God has designed us and being able to celebrate it and allowing the confidence of the acceptance to exude out of an individual, especially a woman.”
– Kevon Harris